The new Mario Kart speedrunning craze is called ‘Blue Yourself,’ and it’s a hoot


Tobias Fünke really needs to listen to himself when he talks. But he did come up with a hell of a catchphrase, so we’ll let it slide.

You guessed it: the new speedrunning craze in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which is still a wildly successful game with over 33 million sales under its belt) is called “Blue Yourself.” It involves trying to hit yourself with a blue shell as quickly as possible, and there is a fierce competition going on right now in the Mario Kart community.

To achieve this task, you’ll acquire boost items, strategically hang back so your odds of getting a blue shell are high, then boost ahead quickly and “blue yourself” with the blue shell. There’s chance involved, but given how quickly runs are, it’s not maddening. The whole process takes roughly 40 seconds or less.

Just recently, YouTuber Skilloz (below) beat out the world record of GsFlint, which was set at 39.56 seconds. Skilloz managed to sneak under with a decent chunk of extra time, clocking in at 37.89 seconds with Baby Peach.

I think one of the most virtuous aspects of the speedrunning community is when folks make up new parameters and stick with them as a group. The “All Dog Treasures” runs in Breath of the Wild are proof of that.

Chris Carter
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