The new ARMS fighter is here and she’s fabulous

Doctor doctor, give me the news

We told you the anticipated version 5.0 update for ARMS would be launching soon and now it has arrived. In addition to tweaking current members of the roster, this update also adds the new fighter’s newest character: Dr. Coyle.

Oh I think I’m in love. In the same way Disney villains are far more interesting than princesses, Dr. Coyle wins my heart in ways Ribbon Girl and Lola Pop never could. In addition to Coyle, players also get access to the new stage [NAME REDACTED] and three new ARMS: Lokjaw, Parabola, and Brrchuk.

I finally picked up a Switch last night and now a part of me regrets going with Skyrim over ARMS. Thankfully Christmas is right around the corner and hopefully so are a bunch of Best Buy gift cards from family members I don’t see anymore.

How to Update ARMS Ver. 5.0 [Nintendo]

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