The Network Roundup: Stop projecting

It started with Hatsune Miku and recently made loads of money for Tupac’s estate at Coachella. Come on people. What’s with all the projections of artists who can’t really be on stage? I was hoping these were isolated incidents, but when I read on TMZ that pop group TLC was planning to resurrect deceased singer, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez for an upcoming tour, I couldn’t stay silent anymore. What happened to hiring new talent instead?

On the network we could only be ourselves. Take it or leave it. When I pass on, there won’t be a Princess Leia style hologram waiting, just another hungry games journalist. Destructoid kept things on the real with a new Podtoid. Japanator kept the music real bad. Flixist is giving you a final push to win some good stuff. Finally, Tomopop wants you to get a real close shave and a nice figure. Oh yeah, keep it real.





Hiroko Yamamura