The Network Roundup: Oh my goth

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I’m not sure if it made a blip on your radar or not, but yesterday was World Goth Day. In high school I fancied quite a few bands that might be considered goth at the time, and maybe wore my eyeliner on the heavy side. These days I think the term and style has changed a bit, so I’m not even sure what it means anymore. Let’s just rock out to some Bauhaus and get our game on!

Destructoid kept the mood gloomy by letting Diablo III players know that they just won’t be as cool next time they log in. Japanator dimmed the lights with some moody Madoka news. The art house vibes continued on Flixist as Wes Anderson Week skipped along. Finally, Tomopop showed us some figures of some hard core goths. The Men in Black. Now that would have been a great name for an 80’s goth band! Any goth fans?




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