The Nendoroid Zelda Guardian figure has a moveable eye, detachable legs, and a laser accessory

Oh, and a translucent ‘Game Over’ sheet

Although I haven’t started a collection of Nendoroid figures mostly due to the prohibitive costs, they always make me smile. This Nendoroid Guardian from Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no exception, as its creators have figured out a whole host of uses for it, most notably multiple poses and accessories. The attachable laser is great, but the translucent “Game Over” screen is just hilarious — especially since it’s so easy to plop a Link figure over in a death pose.

The figure also has a moveable eye and detachable limbs (that can be articulated individually), and an included Ancient Bow weapon. Pre-orders opened today at 12PM Eastern through April 19. It’s set for an August release date, and will run you 5,370 yen, which is roughly $50.

I’m tempted, but I think I’ll show restraint, as I already have a giant Guardian amiibo.

Nendoroid Guardian [Good Smile Company]

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