The most ‘important’ Final Fantasy character comes to Brave Exvius

According to Square Enix anyway

If Square Enix had their way, every Final Fantasy homage would involve Lightning and Cloud.

Out of every iconic character in the series’ storied history, Lightning is the recent one that no one can seem to escape. She’s got her own fashion line, she’s appeared as a major guest star in Final Fantasy XIV, and she has three main series games to her name among many other guest appearances.

That includes Brave Exvius, which, Square Enix is claiming that due to “great demand,” is being added to the international version this week. Great demand? I think I’ve met less than 10 people who really, actually like Lightning.

As I’ve said many times she’s not as bad as folks say she is, at least in Lightning Returns, but who are these people who are requesting her over say…any other character who isn’t in Exvius yet?

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