The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo situation is still a mystery in the US (Update)

Sunbreak amiibo

Importing and the collector’s edition (for one out of three figures) are two of the only options at the moment

Right now the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo hunt continues to be a mystery in the US, with no retailer sightings beyond the collector’s edition: which comes with the lone Malzeno figure.

The others (the Canyne Malzeno Palamute and the Felyne Malzeno Palico) are nowhere to be found in the region.

Here’s a quick recap of how the Sunbreak amiibo situation is going worldwide:

  • You can pre-order them now on Play-Asia or Amazon Japan, but they’ll be shipping in late September/August depending on the retailer: some users are reporting that Play-Asia is canceling select pre-orders
  • Some UK/EU regions are reporting that they are available at retail, and are all out now with the release of Sunbreak itself

Again, the US release is a complete mystery outside of the Malzeno figure being locked to the collector’s edition. As the Amiibo News Twitter account points out, the US site removed the amiibo category altogether. The current guess is that they’ll be GameStop releases, with no open pre-order period: but having spoken to multiple GameStops in my region, they are not listed in the system yet, and managers have no idea when they might arrive. If they do come to GameStop, it could be a free-for-all “order in store” situation.

As usual, if you’re a collector, consider importing! Given the current global supply chain issues they might end up becoming a rare little trio: or, things could smooth over and there could be plenty of stock. Even before 2020, it was always a gamble when it comes to amiibo.

[Update: A Twitter reader has pointed out to Destructoid that there are CPSIA ratings for English release figures (Malzeno, Palamute, Palico), which provides some hope.]

[Update #2: Just this afternoon on July 19, I got an email from Amazon of Japan noting that the US delivery date for all three figures was updated to September 4. Barring any more changes, this could be indicative of when the figures will be released in many regions. The Malzeno figure is currently sold out on Amazon Japan. The official Nintendo Australia/New Zealand account also just confirmed an August 12 date for the figures in those regions.]

[Update #3: Amiibo News is reporting that internal GameStop documents support a US release “potentially on August 26 or September 9.”]

[Update #4: As of September 6, 2022, GameStop has provided an update for when the figures will be available in the US. This tweet claims that they will be available “online and in-store” on September 7, and the verbiage hints at a limited quantity (“get yours before they’re gone”). Some folks are reporting in the replies that their GameStop didn’t get their in-store stock in, so proceed with caution before you drive to a far away location without checking first.]

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