The Monkey King begins his legend on the Wii

The Monkey King: The Legend Begins

is a new ape-based shmup coming to Nintendo’s Wii. Billed as an updated classic, I must admit that I’ve not heard of this one before, although the sight of a chimp on a cloud reminds me of the awesome TV show Monkey and the old Chinese Journey to the West book it was based on. Those Chinese, they do love their primates riding airborne water gas. As you can see, it appears to be your typical side scrolling shooter gameplay in cuter, more stylistic clothes. It also appears to be a little easier than your typical shoot ’em up fans will be used to.

If you thought the Wii was lacking in 2D monkey cloud shooters, hopefully your hunger will be satiated by this video, along with a second included after the jump. I know this is definitely what I’ve been waiting for, although can this really be justified as a retail game?

[Cheers, Justin]

James Stephanie Sterling