The modern Star Fox puppets are so much cuter than the originals

They’re back for a Star Fox Zero spot

The Jim Henson Company’s puppets were an honest-to-god highlight of Nintendo’s E3 2015 showing, and it’s about time someone dusted them off. Star Fox Zero is only a couple weeks away!

I’m sure some of you will have opinions about the content of this “Foxy Fox” trailer, and I’ll leave you to it soon enough, but I do want to point out Peppy’s subtle nose twitch. Nice little touch there. Cute!

Comparatively, Nintendo’s old Star Fox puppets used in the ’90s for promotional materials, magazines, and the SNES box art creep me out to this day. More so now than as a kid, actually.

Keep your distance, Slippy! If that even is your real name.

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