The Mike Wilson and John Romero feud is over. Corgi puppy saves the day!

Oh mai gwad! Corgi puppy saved the day! John Romero and Mike Wilson have both decided to end the flame wars and make peace with each other … well, right after Romero compared Mike to Britney Spears’ vagina:

Anyway, I think we’re both mature enough to end this flame war. I just wanna see the cool games that gamecock is gonna release.

After some bitching from random people commenting on Romero’s blog post, Romero had this to say:

It’s ok guys – no need to continue this worthless fight and commentary. Mike emailed me and apologized for his response.

But developing a game and publishing a game are completely different things. Gamecock is PUBLISHING other developer’s games with the money they have from their investors, it’s not personal money. Developers, on the other hand, get money from publishers to create their games. They’re the guys with the ideas and the blood, sweat and tears putting in the work to make it all happen. Without the developers there are no games.

Without the publishers……the developers become their own publisher.

There you have it folks, Mike and Romero have ended this little feud. I would just like to thank Cute Overload, Krista B. for the Corgi puppy and my own brilliance for ending this little feud. I am so rad.

[Via Kotaku

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