The mighty Doomfist is the next Overwatch statue coming to dominate your home

Give your den that little extra punch

At Gamescom this week, Blizzard unveiled the next character coming to the premium line of Overwatch statues; the terrifying name whose mere utterance can bring about fear, chaos and untold destruction, Akande Ogundimu, infamously known to his enemies as Doomfist.

The Nigerian Talon operative has been immortalised in a slick statue that stands just over 14 inches in height and is poised to strike with his hefty cybernetic arm. Despite this, he has a pretty casual look on his face I think, like he’s just thinking about the groceries he needs to pick up after he splits some chump in two.

Available to pre-order now over on both the U.S. and European Blizzard stores, Doomfist falls into the pricier range of the Overwatch series, retailing for around $300/£270, not including shipping. This is higher than some of the slimmer statues, such as Widowmaker, but not quite in the realms of the $450 D.Va release.

Doomfist statue now available to pre-order on Blizzard store [U.S. / Europe]

Chris Moyse
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