The Midnight Suns season pass will have a few heavy-hitting characters

Midnight Suns season pass

Deadpool and Venom are among them

It’s a 2K game, so of course the Midnight Suns season pass is a thing. Announced this week via the below trailer (presented by Deadpool), it’ll bring more characters into the fray.

Here’s what we have so far for the Midnight Suns season pass:

  • DLC Content Pack 1 – Deadpool – A foulmouthed mercenary with a heart of gold, Deadpool has a penchant for grisly violence and lighthearted, fourth-wall breaking wisecracks.
  • DLC Content Pack 2 – Venom – Spider-Man’s nemesis and one of the main game’s bosses, Venom turns playable hero in DLC #2, armed with all of the same symbiote attacks that once threatened the lives of the Midnight Suns.
  • DLC Content Pack 3 – Morbius – One of the original comic book Midnight Sons, Morbius is an accomplished biochemist who, in an attempt to cure his own rare blood disease, turned himself into a living vampire.
  • DLC Content Pack 4 – Storm – A powerful member of the X-Men, Storm has the ability to generate and manipulate wind, lightning, rain, and other types of weather to her will.

Yes, Deadpool makes a “Morbin’ Time” joke in the video.

According to 2K, the pass will also be sprinkled with additional content beyond the characters; like more levels and items. Midnight Suns is still slated for a December 2 release on PC, PS4, PS5, and Series X/S. The Switch version and prior generations are allegedly coming later, though there’s no date in sight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were canceled.

As one of the last big games of 2022 , I think I speak for strategy and Marvel enthusiasts alike when I say that I hope this one is worth it. With Firaxis at the helm it’s really hard to go wrong, but putting big characters like this behind a season pass doesn’t inspire confidence.

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