The Metal Gear Solid movie director is showing off a ton of brand new MGS art

Hit the gallery for the good stuff

Metal Gear Solid had its 31st anniversary earlier this month. July 13, 1987 was the release date of the original Metal Gear on NES. It has been a wild and often-extremely-confusing ride.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts is the director of the upcoming MGS movie, and he’s paying tribute to the iconic video game series with a steady rollout of brand new art. Vogt-Roberts is sharing 31 pieces of “never-before-seen nano-machine-infused-artwork” on Twitter. There’s some pretty incredible stuff here.

The collection isn’t done yet. We’re only 13 days into the 31-day digital art gallery. Still, it’s worth sharing the progress thus far. It’s something Metal Gear Solid fan are gonna want to check out.

It’s all in the gallery below. Peruse at your leisure like a stodgy art museum-goer. “Ah, the brushwork really elicits the internal strife that’s tearing Solid Snake apart.” Or “Hmm, this use of negative space is a gutsy portrayal of the series’ overarching Nietzschean themes.” Or “This art is good.” And so on.

We’ll check back in a couple weeks with the full collection. Until then, here are the image credits in their respective order:

[Image credits: Nick Foreman, Eddie Del Rio, Ben Mauro, Dennis Chan, Jakub Rozalski, Lap Pun Cheung, Maciej Kuciara, Ignacio Bazan Lazcano, Joe Peterson, Ben Mauro, Lap Pun Cheung, Jakub Rozalski, Eddie Del Rio]

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