The Mega Man-like Gunman Clive series is coming to Switch soon

It’s ready

Bertil Hörberg’s Gunman Clive series is one of the low key best platformers on the 3DS and Wii U. After originally debuting on mobile platforms, the western-themed platformer made its way over to Nintendo’s portable and even got a full sequel three years later. The kicker? These games were short and sweet, priced at the even sweeter point of $2-$3 each.

It looks like they’re Switch-bound, as Hörberg shared over Twitter that the porting project was going well: “Ok I finally did it. did the final fixes and submitted the Switch Gunman Clive HD Collection to lotcheck after having had the port lying around almost complete for two years.”

As a bonus, Hörberg says that his next game “isn’t far away now.” Interestingly when asked why the first game wasn’t available on iOS anymore, Hörberg, like several other developers, explained that it “wasn’t worth getting into iOS development again,” to keep paying Apple fees for the “few sales” he receives.

Bertil Hörberg [Twitter]

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