The Mega Man 35th anniversary logo looks blander than the rest

Mega Man 35th anniversary

At least we’re getting a compilation next year

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While any given year for Mega Man can be a dire situation, there’s at least something on the horizon for the 35th anniversary: the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection in 2023. Of course, the Mega Man 35th anniversary celebration is mostly centered around merch for now.

As reported by Rockman Corner, the “first collaboration” for the 35th anniversary of the Blue Bomber is…an expensive t-shirt line. In a partnership with Japanese company Avirex, Capcom is putting out Mega Man t-shirts, which will run you about 45 USD (as Rockman Corner points out, there’s international shipping).

The main bit of news here (because there is always an endless supply of Mega Man merch) is the logo reveal, which came by way of the Avirex store. It’s a stark contrast to the other logos (gathered by Rockman Corner), dating all the way back to the old school 10th anniversary. For four straight anniversaries (10th, 15th, 20th, 25th) we have a clear view of Mega Man’s face (in various incarnations). Then for the 30th anniversary, Capcom opted for a cool minimalist design that lined up with the release of the Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle.

But the 35th logo is simply text, an off-putting giant “35th” numerical value, and a Capcom copyright. Mega Man fans know better than to expect anything from any given anniversary, but hopefully there’s something in the cards for this milestone.

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