The Master Chief is really Stretch Armstrong!!!

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OK, so maybe he isn’t really Stretch Armstrong*, but thanks to this nifty bug, he might as well be. Teh awesome Tehuberone showed me a couple of pictures of the Chief all stretch liked one day while showing off his stats in Halo 3. Yes, I get it Tehuberone, you’re awesome, leave me alone!

So how does one make the Master Chief into the super hero Stretch Armstrong? Why it’s quite simple really! Just let a Scarab step on you! That’s it. As soon as that happens, the Chief gets stretchy and is sent miles in to the air. Now why couldn’t a glitch like this happen in the Dead or Alive games? 

[*Editor’s note: If you don’t know who Stretch Armstrong is, then you’re obviously not a 90’s child. It also means that you don’t deserve my respek.]

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