The Mario Red & Blue edition of Nintendo Switch has a few extras packed in

The $300 console bundle comes with a carrying case, screen protector, and special Joy-Con straps

The first alternate Nintendo Switch color is… Mario Red & Blue! While Nintendo has dabbled in limited-edition looks, this is “the first time the Nintendo Switch system itself will be available in a new color.”

Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition will cost $299.99 when it launches on February 12 – the same day that we’re getting Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, which looks phenomenal to me.

That price tag covers not only the red Switch and dock, but also red and blue Joy-Con, fancy Joy-Con straps, a vibrant blue Joy-Con grip, and a Mario-themed carrying case. Oh, and a screen protector. If you’re so inclined, you can find a few pictures – including one of the box – on Nintendo’s website.

The overall design is a bit much – I can’t with the blue! – but the red Switch is nice. It reminds me of my dearly beloved Flame Red Game Boy Advance SP that’s sadly no longer with me. (In a recent fit of nostalgia, I’ve been eying AGS-101 models on eBay even though I definitely don’t “need” one.)

I could see kids, in particular, liking the look of the Mario Red & Blue system. Many of us are waiting for that elusive “Switch Pro” to come to fruition in one form or another. I even have money set aside.

Jordan Devore
Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random.