The Mario 35 event, which grants 350 Platinum Points for little effort, is live

It should only take you 10 minutes, tops

Super Mario Bros. 35 is still trucking, inching closer to its expiration date. But before then, Nintendo has a quick little event in store for us.

The challenge? Kill 3.5 million Bowsers from 11PM PT on January 18 through 10:59PM PT on January 25. Or more simply, you only need to kill one Bowser to net a potential reward of 350 Platinum Points (which can be used on physical or digital goods at My Nintendo).

You can defeat your Bowser through the standard mode or the new event; which I’d highly recommend as it’s catered around finding Bowser quicker. I ran the event several times, and since you start with a Fire Flower, you can take out Bowser fairly quickly if you run across one (whether it’s in a castle level or via someone sending it your way as a hazard).

Just to be sure I ran a few courses and took out around five Bowsers over the course of roughly 10 minutes. It’s easy! If you have Switch Online you have Mario 35, so you may as well dive in, get it done, and (probably) reap the 350 platinum benefit.

Since these events can be a little finicky sometimes in terms of timelines, we’ve provided the official documentation below just in case. Make a reminder to do it! It’s one of the simplest ways to get platinum yet, that you can use on stuff like this.

Take on Bowser and earn 350 Platinum Points in the Super Mario Bros. 35 World Count Challenge [My Nintendo]

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