The Making of Killzone 2 (or, ‘look at how great our game is’)

As I’ve already said twice today, Killzone 2 is released on Friday and Sony wants you to know about it. With that spirit carried in our hearts, let us all sit cross-legged and gather round this “Making Of” video, which is basically just the lads from Guerrilla telling us that their game is awesome.

If you’re looking forward to the game, there’s some terrific footage in the video, especially when we’re shown examples of the “hit response system,” which is a flashy technical term for “these c*nts die really good.”

My copy should finally be arriving tomorrow, and I cannot wait. After weeks of terrible bikini zombie slaying and dreary RTS stuff, I just want to knuckle down and shoot me some interplanetary fascists with citrus eyes. A noble ambition for our times, I feel.

Jim Sterling