The Magic Roundabout brings its drug addled absurdity to videogames

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If you grew up in Britain, then you’ll doubtless be aware of The Magic Roundabout. Clearly conceived after one too many magic mushroom binges, this French animation show was given completely re-written narration when it came to Britain, and achieved a cult status for the dry humor which was added by the new scripts.

This iconic animation is now due to return in videogame form, as it’s been announced that a title is in the works for PC, Wii and DS. A new story is being written for the game, and each version will have unique gameplay aspects. Such details involve blowing into the DS mic to fly a paper plane, or using the Wiimote/PC mouse to find hidden object by — you guessed it — waggling. 

I don’t know about any of you, but it sounds like a first day purchase to me.

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