The lovely Spice and Wolf series’ VR adaption knocked crowdfunding out of the park

It’ll happen

If you haven’t seen the anime Spice and Wolf, you should make an effort to watch it. Someone described it to me as Settlers of Catan the anime with a wolf goddess and after viewing it, that basically sums it up. Basically, the savvy merchant Kraft Lawrence meets a wise harvest deity named Holo and go on adventures together. Now they’re going to be adventuring in VR.

Developer Spicy Tails announced the VR adaptation some time ago but it looks like the gears are finally turning for real. Their initial Campfire (a Japanese crowdfunding site) campaign crushed it, meeting their 8,000,000 yen goal (roughly $70k USD) in several hours — and it still has time to go through January 12. Spicy Tails intends to bring it westward, with a Kickstarter “for those who live outside of Japan,” launching next week.

It’s slated for the Rift, PSVR, Vive and potentially “other platforms,” as well as non-VR support. The original Japanese voice actors for the anime will reprise their roles with much of the original staff returning. It’s basically a legit continuation of the show (though it’s vague as to where the timeline of the game is at the moment). This is not the series’ (which is comprised of light novels, manga and anime) first foray into gaming, as there were two DS visual novels released in the late 2000s.

I had no idea this many people loved Spice and Wolf, though I should never underestimate Japanese fans.

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