The Lost and the Damned screenshots show motorcycle accidents and fire

Grand Theft Auto IV’s downloadable content The Lost and the Damned is quickly approaching release day. On February 17, you’ll be able to saddle up as biker Johnny Klebitz and mess around in a cruel (and new) underside of Grand Theft Auto IV’s world.

Rockstar has tossed out a few new screens of the content. They don’t reveal much — other than Johnny isn’t that great of a driver — but they do confirm that motorcycles and a chick exist in the DLC.  Sadly, the babe in the gallery may not be the immediate “run over and forget about” kind of gal. Her name is Ashley Butler and she is described by the game’s official Web site as the “party girl who has partied too much.”

In addition to these screens, Rockstar also rolled out a few new promos including that Space Rangers video above and an audio clip for a radio show called “The Martin Serious Show.” Both are funny in the usual GTA way.

Brad BradNicholson