The long rumored Nintendo Switch Hori Fight Stick is confirmed

It’ll be useful for a few retro games and Street Fighter

For weeks now there has been leaked knowledge of a Hori Fight Stick for the Nintendo Switch, which at the moment is probably only going to be useful for Ultra Street Fighter II.

But still, with those C-button-esque Joy-Con inputs it makes sense that folks would want a better option beyond just the Pro Controller, so lo and behold the Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa is a thing. No specifics, date, or pricepoint have been announced.

I know some real hardcore folks will probably pick this up just for Street Fighter, but I hope that any number of developers have more fighters planned for the Switch in the future. I’d love to see some wacky stuff like Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, but on a system people will actually play it on.

Hori [Twitter]

Chris Carter
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