The Long Dark’s ‘Deep Forest’ update changes almost the entire game

[Obligatory penis joke goes here]

Since The Long Dark was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2013, we haven’t really heard much about it. A small update here, a little preview of what’s to come there, but other than that Hinterland has been quietly chugging away at the snow-based survival game.

Some of what the developer has been working on has been unveiled in the latest update video, and basically every system has been changed and tweaked to make the game a bit easier to understand. Changes to campfires, sprinting, foraging for materials, and major HUD changes are all included in the update.

There are a lot of changes, so Hinterland have released a video which you can view above, and the full change list is available on its website.

The Long Dark is currently on Steam Early Access, should you want to freeze to death.

Joe Parlock