The Legend of Zelda Maker is a real (unofficial) thing

You can download it now for free

People have been hoping that the success of Super Mario Maker leads to more “Maker” titles for other Nintendo franchises. Well good news for Zelda fans: your wait is over, sort of. A fan-created The Legend of Zelda Maker as shown in the video above is now available for free.

Now, I know what you’re thinking about Nintendo sending the creator a cease-and-desist letter. Fear not, they are prepared for that:

“Nintendo will cease and desist a project like this, so in time, when I’ve got the ability to change the sprites, I will do so, and I will also add things that Zelda games don’t have to make it a somewhat unique experience. Regardless, I won’t be acting like this isn’t going to be a Zelda (Maker?) clone, through and through. I’d just like to add some things that I think official Zelda games could use. This is a very early build of the game, and it does not represent what the final game will look like.”

If you’re looking to take the unofficial The Legend of Zelda Maker for a spin, you can grab it from Dropbox here or Mediafire here. Snag it now, as I’m sure these downloads won’t last for long.

Jed Whitaker