The Legend of Zelda in VR might be the push I need to finish the original game

The OG Zelda game like we’ve never seen it before

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Of all the games to be modded into VR, the original Legend of Zelda game was near the bottom of my list in terms of expectations. Usually when a game goes VR, it’s already got a 3D art style, but I have to admit adding a whole new dimension to a title, especially such a classic one, is a really intriguing idea. Now we get a chance to see what that experience is like, because Japanese modder and retro gaming enthusiast Sugar Noe posted a video of themselves playing The Legend of Zelda to both Twitter and YouTube, as originally reported by Nintendo Life.

In 2021, a user named DeTwelve created a mod called The Legend of Doom, which faithfully recreates The Legend of Zelda in the engine of the original Doom. Then Sugar Noe took that mod and made their own tweaks so that it would be playable on a Quest VR headset. This thing has layers, but the final result has to make for one of the most immersive Zelda experiences ever.

I played through The Legend of Zelda with a friend a few years ago on his SNES Classic, but admittedly I wasn’t too intrigued considering how much the game showed its age, if you can pardon my blasphemy. We never finished it, but I will say that the added twist of playing it in VR might just be the push I need to get the very first Zelda game under my belt once and for all.

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