The latest Smash Ultimate patch comes with a new modified stage

‘Small Battlefield’

When will Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stop getting random updates and fighters? Not for a while! This week’s big news is a new modified stage, as well as some “adjustments” for online play and some bug fixes. Let’s dig in.

The new arena is called “Small Battlefield,” and is literally just a rework of the existing Battlefield stage. You can now set it as the “preferred rule” in online battles if you really want to dive into more intimate battles on a regular basis. Music selection has been altered a bit too for Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Big Battlefield and Final Destination.

As for online play, some nondescript adjustments have been done, with promises for “further investigations” into future online improvements. Good idea now that everyone is locked in! I just wish this happened sooner as online play is one of the only major flaws of Smash Ultimate nearly two years in.

Wait, nearly two years? Yep, Ultimate has remained relevant for that long and will hit its second anniversary this December. Bless it.

Ver. 8.1.0 [Nintendo]

Ver. 8.1.0 (Released August 4, 2020)

  • Stage
    • The Small Battlefield stage has been added. You can also set Small Battlefield as a Preferred Rule in Online battles.
    • You can now select any stage-specific music for the Battlefield, Small Battlefield, Big Battlefield, and Final Destination stages.
  • Online
    • The online user experience has been adjusted.
    • The way matching is determined when using Preferred Rules has been adjusted.
    • Following a look at the current number of players eligible for Elite Smash, the threshold for entry has been recalculated to allow more players. Additionally, the way initial values for Global Smash Power are calculated has also been adjusted.
    • Further investigations and adjustments to Online mode are expected.
  • General
    • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.
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