The latest round of Bloodstained DLC is pushed back due to last-minute bugs

You can always expect that constant

Recently, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’s development team released a “2020 roadmap” that gave us some semblance of what’s to come down the road.

First up is a boss revenge mode and a chroma wheel, followed by chaos mode, versus mode, a “special crossover” and classic mode in the third quarter, with another crossover and the third playable character in quarter four. The former duo of DLC was due up recently: June 23, in fact, but that day came and went without a peep of the content.

Thanks to a tweet from the game’s official account, we now know what’s happening. Like pretty much every facet of this project it’s been delayed due to a “last minute chroma wheel display issue.” Now it’s going to come sometime this week with details arriving soon. Confusingly, a tweet on June 27 noted that the DLC was coming on “June 25-26,” which seems to imply an actual new “July 25-26” date. We’ve reached out for full clarification on the matter.

Presumably, the Switch update will still be coming later than the rest, as more polish is needed.

Bloodstained [Twitter]

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