The latest PUBG hack craze involves flying vehicles

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Any big game is prone to hacks and exploits, and PUBG has had this growing pain for many moons now. With such a big playerbase cheaters are bound to happen, and development teams employ different strategies, from patching vulnerabilities to suing hackers.

But PUBG is still fairly vulnerable, as evidenced by the recent wave of vehicle manipulation kills. It’s not a new concept as the phenomenon happened sparingly to the point where it was chalked up as a glitch months back, but recently all signs point to pure exploit management.

The gist is that you can basically just fly around with a vehicle at rapid speed, allowing you to escape and/or ram into other players to instantly take them out (like the hilarious video below that begins in earnest at 0:30). It’s funny to watch, but not so funny when it happens to you in a particularly tense and close game. At least it’s better than the aim bots that are currently plaguing PUBG right now.

PUBG [Reddit] Thanks Jack!

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