The latest patch for the Ezio Collection is the most essential yet

RIP weird-faced man

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Just last month, a video went viral on YouTube of some awkward-looking man in Assassin’s Creed II. Most people thought the remastered collection introduced a brand new bug, but it turns out the weirdo just became easier to see. According to Ubisoft, the model was in the original release of ACII, but the game had a darker presentation. Along with that, the model was from a pool of randomly selected models, so most gamers probably already saw him and didn’t realize it.

Well, no one will have to worry about running into this mannequin of a guy anymore as the newest patch for the Ezio Collection has removed the model from the game. I haven’t seen patch notes this short in a long time, but the only other fix to the game is something to do with music playback stopping. Strange how removing an NPC is what we consider an update now a days.

Ubisoft patched out the weird Assassin’s Creed 2 NPC face that went viral [Eurogamer]

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