The Last Story putting huge emphasis on sound direction

Sound isn’t usually given much emphasis in videogames these days. Bland, generic music and weak sound effects punctuate far too many modern titles. The Last Story is doing things differently, however, putting a major focus on sound production and developing sound effects in tandem with the gameplay to create a cohesive world. 

“I believe we’re progressing well with sound effect production,” writes Mistwalker. “We placed importance on it from the start, and while it is out of the ordinary from a scheduling standpoint, we started sound development simultaneous with the start of production.

“In the ‘world,’ there exists ‘sound’ that has been running in parallel for a long time. The influence of this will pull the gameplay and cinematics in good directions, I believe.”

As a game based around various islands, water effects are also a huge part of the game’s production. Mistwalker is hinting at sea travel, explaining that the characters will “head out” onto a variety of oceans. Whether that will be part of the gameplay or not remains to be seen. In any case, yet more concept art is available for viewing, showing off some of the plans for the game’s water.

Now excuse me while I continue to fap to the idea of this game. 

The Last Story Blog Hints at Sea Travel [Andria Sang]

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