The Last Story I found, but not Valkyria Chronicles 3

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We recently told you that Wii RPG The Last Story disappeared from store shelves in Japan at launch, forcing people to wait on a second shipment. I guess that shipment came because from what I saw the game was available everywhere here in Tokyo. Everyone said it was their number 1 top seller, but there were still units on shelves. I even saw the Wii bundle today. 

The top sales rank is potential good news for us. The more attention this game gets, the better chance we’ll have on a localized version. But I’m not waiting. I’m going to start playing this tomorrow morning.

What I didn’t see in these stores is Sega’s newest PSP release, Valkyria Chronicles 3. Well, I did see someone playing it on a train, but the couple of stores I went to this evening did not have the game in stock. Famitsu sucked it off in their review and that probably isn’t helping me much. I’ve stayed hot for this game since I played it at TGS last fall. Hopefully I’ll find a copy soon.

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