The Last Story gets a motherf*cking tiger!

The Last Story is now officially brilliant. Why? Because TIGER!

The latest developer blog for Mistwalker’s upcoming Wii RPG has revealed the game’s principal characters with a closer look at its main hero, heroine, and a God damned tiger. Whether the tiger will have a big role or not is currently unknown, but obviously the only thing we can think about now is whether we’ll be able to use it in battle. 

As far as the main characters go, Mistwalker says that there is a “wall” between them, and the main plot revolves around how they are being kept apart. Some other plot threads are also touched upon, including a “close accomplice who has turned to evil”, the difficulty of leadership, a missing father, the fear of speaking one’s true feelings, and a “foolish archeologist’s prison break.”

Sounds like quite a varied story, and one I am definitely looking forward to experiencing. The Last Story may be one of my most eagerly awaited games right now. At the very least, it’s the one title I really want to see in action. These blog teases are fine, but let’s see something more meaty in future!

Meet The Last Story’s hero and heroine… and their tiger? [Andria Sang]

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