The Last Story features six-player online mode

Well now, ain’t Mistwalker just full of surprises? It has been confirmed that The Last Story will feature online multiplayer, something that hasn’t even been hinted at before during the game’s lengthy build-up. The Wii-exclusive RPG will allow for up to six players to duke it out online, either cooperatively or competitively. 

The online mode can be found within the “Raid Lobby” where two different types of battles will be available. The competitive battle will simply be a fight between players using their favorite character. The co-op play will have fighters teaming up to take down a powerful monster. 

It doesn’t sound like a major addition, but it’s a nice one nonetheless, and seems to indicate that there’ll be more to this game than the usual JRPG fare. Despite the fact that this game still hasn’t been given a Western release date, I’m nonetheless very excited for The Last Story, and I really hope we get to play it next year. 

The Last Story Goes Online [andriasang]

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