The Last of Us Part II is gonna murder your PS4’s free hard drive space

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Ellie’s hit list is long and blood-stained. Earlier this week, Naughty Dog treated us to 20 minutes of feel-bad brutalized carnage as Ellie ruthlessly murdered everyone within eyesight — including a poor Vita owner. Her next victim? Your PlayStation 4’s hard drive.

According to a reddit user (as reported by Twisted Voxel), The Last of Us Part II‘s install size is 78.3GB. That’s just the raw download, and any day-one patches will push it higher. The minimum free space required is 100GB, so we’ve been expecting big and beautiful all along.

That’s really big, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is like 6TB at this point. On one hand, a lot of people are only working with a 500GB PS4, so The Last of Us Part II will take up about 20 percent of that. On the other hand, it’s the end of a console generation and of course game installs have swelled now that we’re closer to PS5 than PS4. So, I guess this is a public service announcement. If you’re playing The Last of Us Part II in June, make the necessary accommodations to rearrange your hard drive space.

The Last of Us Part II Takes 78GB of HDD space [reddit via Twisted Voxel]

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