The Last Door Season 2 hits Steam Early Access

Making rabbits scary since 2013

The first season of point-and-click horror game The Last Door was an utterly chilling exploration of the intersection between Catholic guilt and Lovecraftian mythology. I loved it, and if you’re looking for a title to cuddle up to this Halloween, you’d do well to check out the game on Steam.

Although it ended on something of a cliffhanger, the lack of resolution was partially mitigated by the knowledge that a second season was on the horizon. Said follow-up has just hit Steam Early Access, with the premiere episodes available to play right now. If you purchase that version for the introductory price of $7.99, it’ll get you all four episodes as they’re released.

This is more than a season pass for an episodic game, however. It’s an Early Access release, with all that moniker entails. On the Steam page, development team The Game Kitchen outlines the state of the game and its plans for the non-final release. “Not all achievements and other Steam extras have been added, and final passes on the text and gameplay are also still being conducted. While we don’t plan to make any major changes, feedback and suggestions for tweaking gameplay and fixing bugs, typos, and so forth are always welcome, and will be taken into consideration for all 4 episodes of Season 2.”

Much like Season One’s “Collector’s Edition,” the final game will retail for $9.99 and contain bonus features, such as exclusive playable scenes and improved visuals. If you buy the Early Access version, you’ll eventually get access to that content as it is released. The episodes that comprise the season will be available to purchase directly from the developers, but you’ll miss out on the exclusive content. The first episode of the previous season is currently available to play for free, if you’re interested.

Mike Cosimano