The Last Clockwinder builds a factory of you’s later this year

The Last Clockwinder

The virtual reality Sorcerer’s Apprentice gets underway this summer

Some games need a little bit of explanation to define, and others, it’s easier with just a short clip or GIF. The Last Clockwinder falls somewhere in the latter area.

Developed by Pontoco and published by Cyan Ventures, The Last Clockwinder is a VR automation game. That’s automation, like Factorio or Opus Magnum, crossing over with the world of virtual reality. It’s coming to Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR, and well, you basically build a factory of yourself.

Players can do motions and then lock them in, making them loop in the form of an automaton. It starts with simple motions, like picking an object and tossing it to another person. And then it keeps growing. Here, just watch the trailer and see:

An army of one

There’s just something really mesmerizing about this concept. Seeing all the motions start to flow together into a longer chain, then adapting to new steps in it. I think of all the times I had to pull up the roots of a system and re-do them in Satisfactory. Well, what if all those systems are little automated me’s? Plus, look at the band playing. That looks like a hoot.

Pontoco is getting some publishing help from Cyan Ventures, the publishing arm of Myst studio Cyan Worlds, as well as additional support from Robot Teddy. The idea is to team up with yourself and gradually restore the clocktower, creating massive assemblies using magical gloves that can automate your motions. It seems cozy, chill, and puzzling.

Basically, it seems like something fresh and unique in the world of virtual reality, and that’s worth keeping an eye on. Look out for The Last Clockwinder‘s arrival on the Meta Quest 2 and Steam VR sometime this coming summer.

Eric Van Allen