The Last Blade is the latest Neo-Geo Pocket title to hit Nintendo Switch

Sharpen your Swords

In the continuation of its efforts to bring a range of Neo-Geo Pocket Color classics to Nintendo Switch, SNK has released The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny, which first launched for the super-clicky handheld back in 2000.

A scaled-down version of one of SNK’s most noble but underplayed fighting titles, The Last Blade is similar in design, tone, and theme to Samurai Shodown, but hosts its own party of sword-swinging ninjas and samurai. The NGPC edition not only features Story and Survival modes alongside its standard Vs. play, but also includes a couple of fun mini-games – a regular feature of many great NGPC releases.

Now available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop for around $8. This retro re-release will give pocket fighting fans the chance to check out one of the harder-to-find titles for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color platform, and hopefully sets the way for the future release of Match of the Millenium, which is undoubtedly mired in some form of licensing hell.

In related news, SNK has announced that a mystery Last Blade character will also be joining the roster of Samurai Shodown (2019) as part of the latter’s season three content.

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