The Kore Gang still looks f*cking delightful

The Kore Gang went gold today. Usually I don’t do “game X has gone gold” posts because they serve no true purpose to the reader (in my personal opinion), but this one is different. This time it’s simply an excuse to remind you that The Kore Gang exists. Nobody talks about this game and so I must take any opportunity I can. 

The Kore Gang is a really cool looking Wii game that uses a visual style very reminiscent of Psychonauts. To help you decide if this is a thing you might be into, there’s a video showing off some gameplay ideas above, and some screenshots below. Please check them out, as I hate it when cool looking Wii games don’t get any attention. The video looks a bit plain but I am assuming it’s simply to show off the way the game works more than how it actually looks in full swing. 

I’ll keep my eye on this one, and will cross my fingers for a hidden gem. A release date is unannounced as of yet, but I’ll be sure to check it out and, of course, get a review up!

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