The King of Fighters Destiny anime gets more seasons and movie

The Orochi Saga to receive adaptation

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Since its inception last July, there have been over twenty episodes of the CGI anime series based on SNK’s classic franchise, The King of Fighters. Clearly, producers iDragons Creative have faith in the future, as two more seasons, as well as a feature-length finale have been confirmed.

The new seasons, and feature-length finale, of King of Fighters: Destiny are expected to tell the story of the game’s “Orochi Saga.” This is the narrative arc that runs from KoF ’94 to KoF ’97, seeing pretty-boy protagonists Kyo and Iori fight to control and subdue a long-dormant evil that threatens to rear its multiple heads once again.

Speaking on their official website, Idragons referenced the animated adaptation of the game has been a long time coming, and was sorely missed back in the ’90s, when other fighting titles, such as Street Fighter and Tekken, had their own animated counterparts “Today’s King of Fighters is not only a game, but a symbol of childhood,” reads the statement, translated by KOFWorld. “This official animation makes up for the regrettable lack of one in the past, and I know it would definitely bring up fond memories in people’s minds!”

Seasons Two and Three of King of Fighters: Destiny are expected sometime in the future. All previous episodes can be watched online on SNK’s YouTube channel right here.

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