The Katamari wedding to end all geek-themed weddings

Watch this slideshow first.

You’ve just witnessed what might be the geekiest wedding ever to happen. Aidra and Ernest were married in Idaho earlier this month, with the whole event being Katamari Damacy themed. Really. Groomsmen and bridesmaids wore the headpieces of the princes while the groom and bride were crowned, just like the King and Queens of the Cosmos. They wadded each others’ families into their lives, so to speak.

Even the tables were adorned with Katamari decorations. The cake topper featured a rolled-up bride and groom. Seriously, the only thing missing here was tights and crotch bulges. Hell, that may have happened later.

Geek pride. How fantastic. I’m glad they could do away with the stuffy tuxedos and have fun. Of course, they’ll never live it down, and the whole internet is talking about it now. 

[via NeoGAF]

Dale North