The Katamari Damacy soundtrack is getting a vinyl release

Roll up your pre-order this Wednesday

Katamari Damacy has one of the most amazing and instantly recognizable soundtracks I’ve ever heard and pretty soon you’ll be able to own it on vinyl all thanks to Mondo.  

The site is going to start taking pre-orders for the LP this coming Wednesday. For the cover art, Mondo has gone with a pretty obvious take on The Creation of Adam featuring the King of All Cosmos and the Prince.

Keita Takahashi’s masterpiece is one of my favorite games ever and the music is a huge part of that, so this will be a day-one purchase for me. Even if I only use it as a decorative piece.

While we wait for the orders to open up let’s all rock out to Katamari‘s most recognizable jam.

The Katamari Damacy soundtrack is rolling onto vinyl [A.V. Club]


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