The Just Cause 2 demo was downloaded 2 million times

I’m a total sucker for absurd facts and statistics vaguely rooted in videogames. As such, I felt obligated to post some cool Just Cause 2 figures that were sent our way. First off, the 30-minute demo for the game has reached 2 million downloads. No kidding. It’s easily one of the better demos in recent memory.

A nice accomplishment by Avalanche Studios, no question, but where’s the crazy. Oh, here it is:

“Players have driven a distance equivalent to a trip from the earth to the moon and back four times; Panau Island has lost almost 30 million of its population (with approximately 2.5 million headshots, almost a million drivers hurled from hijacked vehicles and 27,000 Piñata kills); and players have base jumped the equivalent of a freefall through the Earth’s core, pole-to-pole, twice.”

I remember hearing about Just Cause 2‘s stat-tracking abilities before — yep, they were telling truth. After the break, we’ve got the latest “Anatomy of a Stunt” trailer. It’s admittedly rather awesome. Especially considering this is, what, the billionth video?

Jordan Devore
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