The official Xenoblade Chronicles 3 site has a ton of info

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 site

Battle and character rundowns are the highlights

[Update: The UK Xenoblade Chronicles 3 site just opened up, which has some of this info in English.]

The Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles 3 site is open for business, and it has a lot of easily accessible info on the game.

Due out on July 29 of this year, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will feature a combat system with up to seven party members, which is touched upon through various screens and a short rundown on said site. Noting that “positioning” is important, it re-confirms the seven-person combat system with cold hard screens, while stating that Nopons will be integrated into the party as well.

On top of that, class swapping is reconfirmed: “As you progress through the adventure, you will be able to change the character’s class to create a free party. For example, it is possible to have multiple ‘sword fighters’ or to have an attack-oriented party.” As part of the date reveal we had confirmation on the Ouroboros mechanic, where multiple characters (Noah and Mio, Lantz and Senna, Euni and Tion) could be fused into one; which we are now able to see fully in action via screenshots.

For those of you who can’t wait until July, you’re definitely going to want to look through all of the short one-sentence character bios, which have the seiyu cast listed for several characters. If you’re looking for even more info and screens to comb through, there’s a landing site for the game beyond the aforementioned useful news article.

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