The Jackbox Party Pack 4 gets a new trailer fashioned after HSN

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The Jackbox games have been on a roll ever since the first release. Coming to almost every device possible, the latest entry in the series looks just as hilarious as the last three. In an effort to promote the new game, Jackbox Games has created a spoof trailer in the form of a Home Shopping Network show.

While I’ve yet to buy any of the Jackbox games, I love the social element that is so prevalent in them. Every convention I go to, there are hundreds of people laying around in front of a projector and laughing their heads off. It looks like so much fun and that just makes me plain happy. I’m glad people of all different backgrounds can enjoy something so irreverent.

COMING SOON: The Jackbox Party Pack 4 [YouTube]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.