The Indie Fund is now open for business

That picture never ceases to freak me out.

As previously brought to our fine pages by way of Anthony, the Indie Fund is a system in which a handful of successful, kind-hearted independent developers help fund up-and-coming indie games that seem like they could really catch on.

The Indie Fund has opened its doors as of today. There’s a call for submissions, with emphasis put on having a unique game, playable prototype, living-the-dream-style development team (lots of ramen consumption), and the chance to earn the investment money back. Sounds sensible enough.

“We raised enough money to fund 5 or 6 games over the next 2-3 years and we are convinced that we will see more promising games than we can fund. If all goes well we will raise a second, larger round when this one comes to an end.”

This is grand news for hopeful devs, sure, but it’s definitely something everyone should be happy to see.

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