The Humble Gems Bundle lives up to its name

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Bundles can be a great way to discover games and flesh out your library inexpensively. They aren’t all going to be winners or end up clicking with you personally, but you won’t typically be out much money if there are a few duds that miss their mark. More often than not, the problem I run into is that I already own some of the selections and would be buying the group for only one or two discounted titles. That’s less of an issue when it’s a collection of well-liked games that flew under our collective radar.

From that perspective, the Humble Gems Bundle is worth looking into. Odallus. Chroma Squad. Westerado. Assault Android Cactus. These are some terrific games that a whole bunch of folks missed.

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  • 3D action-platformer Unbox

The bundle runs for the next two weeks, so there’s no rush here.

Humble Gems Bundle [Humble Bundle]

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