The Human Centipede is now a game

A few weeks ago I was both fortunate and unfortunate enough to attend a screening of The Human Centipede (First Sequence). You see, Human Centipede needs to be seen, but the things you see in it cannot be unseen. It’s a movie about a mad scientist who surgeically attaches three people ass-to-mouth in order to create a human centipede. That’s the trailer above. Yes, the doctor is one of the greatest horror villains ever.

The film is a game now. A game that is far less perturbing than the film itself, but a game that involves multiple people sewn together ass-to-mouth none the less. It’s actually quite a blast in a fun retro way. You play the evil, German (of course) doctor trying to shoot his rampaging human centipedes as they (it) charge down the screen a la the classic game of Centipede. Clever people abound on the internet.

Really, this is just a bit of fun, but if you’re looking for a movie that is the kind of disturbing that stays with you for a while and isn’t just quick shock and awe then I’d strongly suggest Human Centipede. I’d also strongly suggest not seeing it as well. Now I must be off to ponder how the third person in the chain would ever get enough sustenance. GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!

Matthew Razak