The HAWPcast: Tarantino and Zombies

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Yeah, it’s called the HAWPcast now. “Hey Ash, Whatcha Podcastin'” is so three-to-six weeks ago.

In this episode, Ash and I talk about nonlinear plot and characterization in videogames (the dialogue in Left 4 Dead, for instance), the death of the “hangout movie,” and, subsequently, Quentin Tarantino’s entire filmography.

There’s a bit at the very end of the podcast where I yell “wait” before getting cut off by Ashly’s cruelly indifferent decision to hang up the phone, but don’t worry about that: I was just going to say that instead of typing in an awkward CreateSpace URL to get to the sexy Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’ Season One DVD, you can now tell your friends/loved ones/mortal enemies/acquaintances to go to instead.

Also, the HAWPcast is now on iTunes. Which is cool.

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