The Guinness World Record holding game collector just finished his play room

Last Gamer

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The Last Gamer seems like a pretty normal dude, which makes his super lengthy expositions on his giant gaming collection all the easier to watch. His original video “The World’s Largest Games Room Tour” was a whopping hour and twenty minutes, and essentially goes through the entire history of gaming (which he owns).

This time he’s showing off his completed game room, where he actually plays those bad boy carts and discs. The oldest piece of gear he has is a Commodore 64 is hooked up to a Blaupunkt MX 72-83 BTM via RGB. The station that he games at the most has an Xbox 360 Gears of War edition console, an Xbox One X Scorpio edition,  white PS3/PS4s, a standard Wii U, and a Switch. As always, he uses SCART switches to swap between his systems.

Clocking in at just 30 minutes this one will take up a lot less of your time, but given his history in the TV industry, seeing how he wires everything is fascinating — and a good teaching tool if you want to setup your own miniature version. Around 15 minutes in he explains what the cabinets are (some are custom built, some are from IKEA’s kitchen department).

Get this — his gaming chairs were actually made to his specifications for long period sitting from a neighbor who was an upholsterer.  It’s going to take a lot of effort to take down this dude’s king of collectors crown.

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